En menos de dos semanas tendrá lugar nuestro IV Congreso ACEICOVA People Teach People, ¿conoces el programa de charlas y workshops del que disfrutaremos el próximo 17 de noviembre en el congreso de idiomas referente e la Comunidad Valenciana?

Robin Walker – Making projects work

Introducing collaborative learning or getting students to use 21st-century skills – these and other recent ELT trends can create challenges for
teachers. The use of projects is one way of meeting these challenges, so drawing on my own experience with project work over the last 25 years, I will explain how to get the best from projects in ELT and CLIL classrooms. I will take participants through the key steps in all project work, finishing with the complexities of assessment.

Alejandro P. Waudby – ARGs and the 21st century education. ARGs and education in the 21st century

Edtech breakthrough and the consolidation of digital natives are changing the way we teach. During the talk we will have a sneak peek at some educational trends that are trying to provide an answer to the changes we are living, especially ARGs (Alternate Reality Games) and how they can help us engage with our students. We must adapt our lessons to the hypermedial language if we really want to offer a deep and remarkable learning experience.

Michael Brand – Making all the right noises: A closer look at B2 speaking skills

Most of us teachers will understand the mechanics of the B2 speaking exams we prepare our students for but how can we give them the very
best chance for success? Let’s take a deeper look at the language and interactive skills our students will need and try out some original activities to develop them so that, when exam day comes around, our students are making all the right noises

¡Te esperamos! puedes INSCRIBIRTE AQUÍ en congreso de idiomas referente de la Comunidad Valenciana.

  • Sábado 17 de noviembre
  • 09.00 horas
  • Sede ADEIT, Valencia
  • Plazas limitadas

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