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Javier Muñoz – Nuevos clientes, nuevos productos y nueva oferta: Los retos de marketing de captación

La importancia de la aplicación de las estrategias de Marketing basadas en la diferenciación en los centros de enseñanza de idiomas. Esta nueva situación, provocada por el COVID 19 puede ser una oportunidad para “reinventar” nuestra empresa.

Licenciado en Marketing y Gestión Comercial, se dedica a la formación y consultoría en Marketing Educativo como Socio Director de KAPTA ESTRATEGIAS. Dirección General del Congreso EDUKETING, del Congreso BRAINING y del Congreso EDUMANAGER.


Sally Bolton – Teacher wellbeing and building resilience

Teaching is often listed as one of the most stressful professions, and the current uncertain situation due to COVID-19 has brought about a new range of stressors for teachers to deal with. While we know that teacher wellbeing is essential for effective teaching, we often prioritise other issues over our own mental and physical health and we avoid dealing with our negative emotions. In this webinar we will look at practical strategies for teachers to use in order to manage their stress. We will examine ways of ‘avoiding stress avoidance’ and think about how we can build our resilience so we can positively adapt to change.

Sally Bolton has worked in the EFL profession for over 20 years, as a teacher, a teacher trainer, a materials writer and school manager. As well as teaching in her own language school, she works as an online teacher trainer and course designer on the Excellence in Education website (Trinity College London Approved Service Provider), providing teacher training, help and support for teachers. She also collaborates with various regional teacher training centres.


Borja Uruñuela – The profile of the Successful Online Student

I will explore some of the essential abilities students online need in order to be successful. I believe our role now is also to help our students become effective online learners. I will also share a survey I’ve carried out recently on online learning. If you want your students to make the most of their online learning experience this might be your talk.
Borja has been working in education for 30 years. He has been the Head of Education at St. James for 25 years where he teaches and works closely with teachers to maintain the level of teaching quality at St. James. He’s a regular speaker at national conferences and has written material for Macmillan and Cambridge UP